Names.nsf to PST Conversion with Easy and Secure Approach

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Today IBM Notes and MS Outlook both used by half of the world's population in Offices or for Personal work. Both email clients comprise of several exclusive aspects, but the chief differences which arise in both clients are in Contacts part. As Lotus Notes used to save Contacts in file known as Names.nsf whereas in Outlook contacts are stored in PST file. So sometimes it becomes very problematic to convert Names.nsf to PST because of distinct file extension.

To get rid of this difficulty one can opt Notes Contacts Converter which slickly export contacts from Names.nsf to PST instead of any complexity at affordable cost and confers satisfactory outcome by its working functionality. By using the software one can effortlessly convert innumerable contacts NSF contacts file itno PST format in few clicks. Also the relevancy and originality of the information stored in the file is preserved by the software. The tool provide error free migration after successful conversion of contacts.

Steps to Convert Names.nsf to PST Using the Software

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  1. Download the Software and click on Browse to select the contact file
    Browse the File
  2. Click on Scan Notes Contacts option to load the contacts in the tool
    Scan the Contacts
  3. Choose either Outlook2000/2002/XP format or Outlook 2003/2007 format option to save contacts in PST file and click on Start Conversion
    Start Conversion
  4. After converting the contacts from Names.nsf to PST message of successful conversion is displayed by the tool
    Contacts Converted

Let's have a look on the contact file formats of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook

Names.nsf file : This file is created automatically during the installation of Lotus Notes on local machine in the Data Directory folder along with other installation files. Lotus Notes used this file to store contacts so it is also termed as Personal Address book. The user can keep innumerable contacts, edit and also delete the contacts as per need. Together with contacts the file also contained details of the configuration settings such as a connection/location document.

PST File : PST file in Microsoft Outlook stands for Personal Storage Table contains all mail folders and various data items in them such as Emails, Contacts, Tasks, and Calendars etc. This file is formed in all editions of MS Outlook. It is further classified into two distinctive formats ANSI PST and Unicode PST. The ANSI PST file format is formed in early editions of Outlook like 2000 and 2002 while from Outlook 2003 all messages are stored in Unicode PST format by default. As both files contained crucial information of user so it becomes very important to convert Names.nsf to PST with right approach so that all the information stored in the file remains unalterd after the conversion of contacts.